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It is possible: the neglected (abandoned), gardens, private gardens in the elderly (lazy or too wealthy) owners in the season on the trees, beds keep up a certain crop of apples, all plums, apricots, nuts and other wild strawberries. On these sites the harvest is the best case going to only partially, or simply doomed to rot in the ground.

Proposal: purposeful search of such potentially «generous» regions, the negotiations with the owners, the harvest season.


Variants of the transaction:

sharing collected from employers in certain proportions, for example, a 50 - 50;
purchase the crop, for example third its real price;
grant all collected (and suddenly the hosts do not need anything?).
Perhaps there are other possible schemes.

What's next? Possible variants:

delivery for implementation,
the immediate implementation,
procurement barenew-twists, nastoyka-the mash,
and also:
personal consumption (greedy).

Apparently, the important factor success - in the competent organization of the case. Need a tentative agreement with the owners, allowing to plan the work. For large volumes of work will help the exploitation of child employees, i.e. brigade boys 3-4 people equipped with a ladder and boxes.

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